Settling: The Russian Leg

I woke this morning, and immediately before getting out of bed I began thinking about yesterday’s post only to realize that I hadn’t written anything. There’s no fixing yesterday, but here I am ensuring that today. Today was one of those days where I felt too low to do anything. I got two things done. I printed this weeks’s lectures, most of them, tooks a shower, ate, and used most of the day to do what should take the maximum of one hour. I wasn’t in the mood to move or write, or eat, or do anything. So… it was… a day.

As I sat to write, I didn’t quite know what to do because I’d prefer not boring you. So I went into my archive and pulled out the continuation of my Getting to Russia series. And then I realized I wasn’t not in the mood to edit. So I edited it. This amazed me because editing work I’ve already done isn’t usually something that I do with pleasure. But this time it was. Maybe the next time I’m feeling down, I’ll edit…

Without further ado here are the previous post:

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I hope this installment lives up to expectations (if there are any). Enjoy!


Settling: The Russian Leg

My trip from Antigua and Barbuda to Krasnoyarsk had lasted some twenty-five hours. And how I felt was tired, and dirty. I’d been going to and fro across the earth with temperatures with much distance between them according to my bodily thermometer. And I had managed to work up a sweat while hot and while cold as well. So it was time for a full-body cleanse. At this time I was happy for the forethought of my grandmother who had instructed that things for this purpose be kept near at hand, and also for the advice of other travel bloggers who had written advice about keeping them together. So in my anxious haste I was able to gather the tubes, jars, and cloths I needed and run into the cleaning half of the bathroom.

The Russian Bathroom

I say the cleansing section because in Russia, the more traditional homes have what I would define as two bathrooms. One section contains the toilet and is called a toilet(туалет > tualet). The other section contains the face basin and the shower. It is called washroom or bathroom(ванная > vannaya). Both section are separate from each other, two rooms. At first I thought it was a strange setup, not bad but different. After some time, I decide that it was a more efficient method. For a single-dwelling, it seems pointless. But in a home where multiple people exist at one time it is extremely useful. Someone who wants to relieve him or herself need not want on someone who is taking an extended shower, like myself.

Clean and Fed

I felt clean. And I was ready for anything. I felt new somehow. It was as though I had washed my old self off and had exited the bathroom. I walked around the dorm, getting accustomed to the space and the feel of it. I stared out at the world from the tenth floor. And then Jeremiah was at the door again. The Nigerian had ordered pizza, and was now delivering it. He handed it over to me, extended his services for future need, and then left. I wolfed it down. The sizeable slices of chicken, tomato, and olive on the thin layer of soft crust were delicious. There was cheese, of course. It was a pizza. But the thin, yummy crust and other components really engulfed my attention. Despite my hunger I took note of it all. I had never eaten a pizza with such a thin crust before, or with that many pieces of chicken, or with tomato. And I’ll tell you the tomato was one of the highlighted aspects, as its sour juiciness woke my taste buds, then mixed with the other flavours. This would become one of my go to meals when I felt low over the next eight months. I ate the soup as well, but I only remember that it was green, and not bad.

At this point, I was clean, fed, and happy. I went to sleep in comfort having called home to inform my mom that I was okay. I would get some sort of Internet connection later


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