Where Are My Skates?

I’m going to start some form of exercise…next week. Now, to be honest Physical Education starts next week but that’s not what I’m referring to. I want to be fit enough to skate. Yeah, you read that correctly.

The first time I went onto the ice I was so scared. I didn’t do anything. Well, I bent forward bent my knees and allowed myself to be pulled by the arms, and that was it. It was fun, and so scary. I vowed I would watch and never touch the ice again and I didn’t. That was in Krasnoyarsk. I watched others skate, I watched the rink get iced but I never went back onto the ice.

And then I met beautiful photographer, which is beside the point, but he was both and so it stands. He was in Tomsk, my new home at the time, with a reporter who was interviewing me. He was a young lad and we hit it off quite well…since he spoke English…very well. As I posed for a few shots he asked about the activities I’d done, and we came around to the issue of skating. I told him as decisively as I’ve just told you that I would never skate again. He and his brother have been avid (ice) hockey players from childhood. I respect this. It’s not just skating. It’s skating with speed, force, and enough control to stay on one’s feet wile doing other thing like knocking people over.

I explained my fear of falling. But I didn’t touch on my fear of looking stupid while falling;) Nonetheless, he replied that the whole point of skating was falling. (I feel as though I’ve told you this story already.) That was all he needed to say. I don’t kow why, but that convinced me there and then, and I got back on the ice. I’ve been on the ice once after that meeting and on that occassion I learned how to skate without holding onto anything. I didn’t move quickly at all, and I needed help turning around, but I felt and still do feel quite proud of myself.

I was in the process of making the decision to make a video of myself skating expertly, for my little brother but something came in the way. I think I thought he wouldn’t be that impressed so I squashed the idea. But this summer when I returned home. He mentioned how cool it was that I was in a place where I could skate. That’s as good as a request for a video of me skating expertly. Hence, I’ll be doing my utmost to get fit so that I can learn to skate better and better and better.

What I’m stuck on is the deadline for the video. I could be lazy and work towards my fitness goals while skating the entire of winter (6, 9 months) or I could work towards making the video for the end of November or December and do a quickie fitness and laze around for the remainder of winter. Or you could just keep working out? I get bored once working out becomes monotonous. I need serious motivation. So…

There are other things that I could use to motivate me like CrossFit and Yoga, and pole dancing. But those require money and people be watching all of my me jiggle, you know. So solo workout and a buddy-skating regime will just have to do it, for now at least.

But to be honest I am really trying to start on my young-looking 50-year-old body so I need to add something else that will help me through winter and into the warmer months when there are no free skating rinks.

Do you have any exercise motivation tips? What’s your go-to exercise regimen?


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