An Easy Taxing Day?

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I rolled out of bed with my alarm, an hour before my class. I showered, dressed, and caught the bus. Usually I take exactly an hour to shower and dress, but today I was able to get to my first class on time. It felt great. But…now…it feels terrible. My day is done…as it’s 2356 but I still have three days of poetry to write, this post to complete now that I’ve started it, that paper that I keep researching how to write but never actually write it. I found more info on writing case studies, by the way…useful stuff.

So I had a day. I completed two personal tasks, one professional task and attended two classes, and the second one was deep…so deep most of the class almost fell asleep. Our lecturer spoke too quickly and monotonously for them, and for me…there were simply too many unknown words. I kept hearing sentences for which I couldn’t grasp any familiar words or general thoughts because the preceding sentencing were also foreign. But I tried…to write what I thought I heard. What I wrote made no sense but the point wasn’t for it to make sense it was to keep me awake and listening. I stayed awake and I for the most part listened. Hence, mission accomplished.

I walked come which I’ve very proud of. I’m pleased that I wasn’t to tired or lazy to do so. I got some fruits. Fruits are the only things I can eat whenever. I start with a banana and I can eat any other fruit…I don’t know why, but I do know that they have been keeping me alive. If I didn’t have fruits I wouldn’t eat because my mind refuses to create the desire to eat even when I haven’t eaten in twelve hours. I also bought cucumbers and tomatoes as well to pair with the banana and mandarin in a smoothie.

Ewww! No. Toss four bananas into the blender if your squirmish about it and let’s say one tomato and one peeled cucumber. And tell me what you think after. You don’t need that many bananas. Four will really overpower everything but…you’re the newb;)

I began the process to apply to teach in South Korea, by that I mean I took the passport pictures the site said I need. There are other things which are more important but the passport photo is the only one I couldn’t do for myself. It’s nothing but since it’s been on my list for a week now, I think it deserved a mention. I got to the place on time, and because of this got to my last appointment of the day an hour early… Yep, an hour that I could have used to sleep. I contemplated that and realized that I would most likely be late if I slept so I forfeited sleep and sat in the waiting room and researched case studies.

And having done that I was so ready to start writing but…my appointment…so I did that, took care of buying face cream which also been on my list for a week and I returned home, and I thought to myself now having bought a broom also a week late I can’t be here in this filthy room anymore I must sweep so I drained the remaining energy I had by sweeping, and then I had surprise guests, and that was my day.

It doesn’t seem taxing there on the page. But trust me, it was.


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