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Today was the first day of classes, and it was..okay…quite good even. I had two classes. Both were literature. The first was foreign literature and the second was Russian literature. I understood very little of what they said. But don’t be dismayed, that’s the norm. Most foreign students go through this. Less than an hour ago my roommate lamented about her friend not understand anything in any of his classes. He’s a first-year student, and a foreigner. The point of studying in Russian with Russians isn’t really to understand the language at first. The point, for me at least, is to find a way to get the information and pass.

So…I understook a bit…I understood that Dostoevsky’s first novel was Poor Folk, I understood that he went to university and that there was a war, that he began publishing before he finished writing and that by the end of the war his writing had changed entirely, he had changed, and also his view of the world. I think that’s quite a bit and I understood a good deal more. So…I’m not over the moon about my day, but it was decent…good…maybe I should even say great.

I’ve got to smile at this now as I remember a conversation from a few hours ago with one of the security guards on the first floor. He asked me how my day was and I replied “fine” and he became alarmed. I was shocked at that. Usually, people accept “fine” and move on, but he wanted to know why I was only “fine”. He said, “fine” is how the drunkards feel. He wanted to know if I thought I was having a day like theirs. I wasn’t…and I can clearly see that having written the above.

Earlier, I really hadn’t thought it was such a great day. I went to sleep at about midnight, woke to use the bathroom but couldn’t get back to sleep and then I did close to 0430 or 0500 and expected to be woken by my alarm at 0630.

My day was planned. I would exercise or follow a yoga video like I did last night and I waould write, all before going to my classes and then my even could be whatever it shaped up to be like this evening…shooting a video for the Fight Against Terrorism Day with the other students in my dormitory.

I did not hear the alarm. I did not feel the alarm. The alarm either did not go off, wasn’t actually turned on, or was taken off by me. I woke at 11-something, and dashed to my class. Thankfully, I wasn’t late. I could have been if I had done what I intende to which was to get breakfast, but another classmate advised me to just get to class, and gave me a banana. It sufficed, and we were early enough, which is to say that the lecturer was already waiting, but thankfully he hadn’t started.

I found out that I don’t have any P.E. classes this week. Yes, Physical Education is a subject in Russian universities for bachelor’s students and they are on the practical side, two times per week. That can also be counted as a plus. As I condersider it more and more I’m getting closer to saying my day was perfect.

I did not think much about the young man about whom I’ve been obsessing over for the passed two months, mostly because my day has been cramped into a shorter space of time, but I can’t really complain because I have been trying to stop these non-stop thoughts. So it’s a good day isn’t it. And I found my little brother’s name written in my notebook as well, and it made me feel…happy, a soft happy. A good day.

I also made a decision, while sitting in my second class. My lecturer digressed a bit, though I probably should call what he was doing explaining but because I didn’t understand his explaining I’ll call it digression. And while he swayed from his lecture to make it more personable.

He explained that that’s what he was doing, because as he also stated the works we’ll be reading which we should be reading at a pace of 30 pages per hour are very abstract. I told you, I understood a mouthful. (This is late but my classes are entirely in Russian, that’s why I keep patting myself on the back. You can pat me too I don’t mind having more than one hand patting me simultaneously…once you’re not touching me.)

So while my lecturer digressed, my mind began to wander and I pondered whether or not I should study in Korea. I know that I will definitely go to teach English but I wasn’t sure about the studying. But as I say there the thought came to me: I’ve studied a bit of Caribbean Literature (in school and at A’ Levels/community college), and now a bit of European Literature and Russian Literature. And I have the ability to study Korean literature for free if I get the scholoarship.

It’s not that wonderful because I haven’t specialized in any of those before but they have given me a better understanding of literature, cultures and histories and that’s my goal for travelling. So why not take this opportunity if I can get it? And so then I there I settled it. Despite not necessarily need Korean Literature in order to get my Doctorate, it would be useful to me as a writer and as a human being. And that’s it. That’s the most important. When the decision was made, I felt at peace.

Another piece of the puzzle is back in place. My day was perfect.

How was your day? What would you need in order for you to label your day as ‘perfect’?


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