Fun Development

I’m in the process of getting back on track with my writing. It’s not that I haven’t written in years and years, or even months because my major, journalism, is all about writing. But it’s more about me not writing from my perspective or rather not writing from the personal side of me about what I want to write about. So this writing feels different.

This writing isn’t just any form it’s poetry. It’s the first form I was introduced to and the form to which I feel the most connected when writing. So in the last four days, I’ve written three poems, and one short storyesque piece. The odd one was due to the discord I felt between what I was being inspired to write and the format that poetry is generally confined to. I might share them publicly in the future. But the point now is to develop the continuos habit of writing thing s which allow me to better my craft, express myself and have pleasure in the experience of writing. Why is all that necessary?

Well, this summer I was tasked with doing practicals and because I was a bit rusty I didn’t execute it as well as I could because I didn’t really want to be witing about the topics I was assigned and moreso because I had to think so much about the writing side, which shouldn’t be the case. I need growth achieved in my way, the entertaing way. I’ll have many taxing academic growths in the coming months. Hence I’m assigning writing development as the fun growth. It will be something I get to look forward to in the midst of all the other musts I’ll have on my plate.

At this early stage, it hasn’t been all butterflies, and rays of sun. I’ve actually had two days including today, on which I wonder what I would write about because no prompts seemed that interesting. The first was sent off to a mature writer whose response has thrilled me. Now, I have to tell you, “I like it” doesn’t thrill me. Indepth commentary send s me over the moon. When someone can really comment, ask questions, or better yet tell me where I can improve my writing I experience a peaceful, positive excitement which runs through my entire body sending chills into my skin.

So I send off my 600+ word poem and he responds firstly with “I enjoyed this”, and then with a review which included comments on the flow and transition, word choice, word placement, and repetitions. I am adequately pleased and this has given me the desire to write even more.

What inspires you to grow?



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