My Ideal Writing Space

Writing is fun and frustrating and exhilarating and excruciating. A lot of things go into making the writing experience. The biggest one for my is the space I’m writing in. I’ve been writing at home lately and in order to ensure that I keep motivated I’ve been moving around the house writing in the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and outside and in different areas of each of these spaces. You can find me moving between a few or all of these on some days. Though they work sometimes none of them are my ideal.

Curtains blowing in the wind with backdrop of trees

Quaint and Quiet.

My ideal space would be in a forest near a stream, and on a slope. I wouldn’t have any neighbours. But there would be a village within walking distance. This space would be a wooden structure that would be varnished instead of being painted. I love the smell of wood. The windows would be big to allow a lot of light. The interior would only posses that which was necessary and nothing more.

Quaint, quiet, and closer to reality.

If I had to come closer to home I would say my yard. It has several tree in and around it which create a feeling of being surrounded and in the open. The atmosphere is usually just right. The noise factor is only bothersome during the summer vacation. I think my biggest issue with the yard is my having to transfer and set up my “office” space out there. Outside of that fact, I think it is perfect.

Comfort spaces?

Since I spoke of comfort books last week I think it’s quite okay for me to mention comfort spaces. Libraries, are perfect. It’s like having a crowd with you but they wont say anything to you unless you approach them. And all the while, even when they are speaking, they are silent. It’s perfect. Being around books gives me a calm like nothing else. And that is fantastic for writing..

What’s your comfort/ideal space writing or otherwise?


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