Writing and the Beat

I love music.

Rock, Pop, Country, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Soul, Calypso, Reggae, Trot, Classical. I love music. It is a beautiful expression that uses words but doesn’t need them. Of course, the words music is attached to helps to listeners to interpret the music in different ways both emotionally and intellectually. When I’m at either end of the emotional spectrum and need to get either up or down I usually depend on music. And for my writing it is quite the same.

Writing in a silent mind.

A silent mind is ideal for writing. This doesn’t mean that there are no thoughts streaming in and out, but rather that there are no clusters falling about. It means that everything is in order: the in are going in; the outs are going out; and there are no thoughts standing still halting traffic. That thought might make the rounds of going in and out until it is needed for the page but it isn’t stopping the progress of another thought simply because it’s turn hasn’t come.

Writing for me needs the right amount of noise.

At present, there is a wonky fan to my right making two noises. The louder of the two is the sound of a plastic part that is being blown and spun simultaneously as it hist agaisnt the back of the fan continuously. The second less noticeable noise is that of the blades beating the air. I am in an okay mood at the moment so the noise is just perfect. On other days I absolutely can’t focus unless the silence becomes what can be described as nervewracking. I remember sitting in a computer lab unable to do anything until I turned off a silently humming computer.

On some days irritating noises are perfect. On others soothing sounds do the trick. And yet there are other tip of days in between during which I have to create my own noises, blending and placing, and ensuring that the levels are perfect individual so that together their level would be just right.

This noise I call music.

On the days I write poetry the noises must be distinctly rythmic, like the sound of a dripping tap, or a door banging every now and then as the wind beats upon it, or a small, hard plastic rope beating against a cement wall as it hangs loosely. In these times, I do not crete the sound. I wait for it to be created on its own, or I begin a melody within my own mind. I do not recall any of my poems being written without a beneath in the background. Other types of writing can be done with simple noises without rhytjm but poetry for me, even my free verse must have a rythm, a rhythm all of its own but still, a rhythm.

The music I write to.

Calm yet inspiring melodies full of emotion like Avril Lavigne’s When You’re Gone, Coldplay’s Clocks, Nickleback’s Photograph, John Mayer’s Assassin, Waiting On The World To Change, and Say, Pink’s Perfect. They all carry a soothing yet heavy emotional weight with them. And I find that type of musical atmosphere perfect for my focus when writing poetry…once I’m mellow enough to sit still.

Keep me mellow music is much different.

On days that my energy is running high and I am easily annoyed or irritated faster beats get me through the day. I can tell you they work extremely well. I don’t have to dance to their beats though I can be found jigging a little. But they do work at putting that negative enrgy elsewhere.

What’s your music fix?


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