Who Am I As A Writer?

After painting another set of calabashes and speaking with a fellow artist I became inspired to continue the editing of the local art magazine I mentioned some time ago. Initially, the plan was to recreate a divider and backgrounds. But after turning on my pc I felt inspired to Google how to write for an art magazine. Unfortunately the only new thing I was presented with was the rule of knowing one’s self as a writer.

I know who I am. I am…

A writer. An art lover. An open-minded yet stubborn female. A feminist before the popular theory was to prove women’s superiority. A Christian. And because I am both I understand that man and woman were created equal, that sin caused women to be damned to being subdued to their husbands, and also that husbands are subject to being the head not a tyrant (though most don’t seems to understand that.)

But who am I as a writer?

I’ve discussed the separation of self from career some time before with a fellow writer. He thinks career shouldn’t define people. His stance on this is broad. It applies to everyone. Mine on the other hand is somewhat of a balance. I believe that we should have a right to choose, and it just so happens that I define myself as a writer. So once you ask me who I am…I’ll say “a writer”.

Another Google search lead me to an article which assisted me in answering some key questions about the type of writer I am, and then I got to the bit about writing what you read….If the things I read/watch get absorbed into my writing why can’t I write a decent story. I only read books which tell stories whether fact or fiction. The same goes for shows and movies. Yet somehow my story writing ability has depleted since high school. Of course, this isn’t new…but I’m always amazed that thriller, suspense type bits never filter into my writing…NEVER. I don’t get it.

Again, who am I as a writer?

Because I don’t detach who I am and what I am who I am as a writer is exactly who I am a writer except that as a writer I am a little better or so I am believe. An artist’s work is a creative description of who he or she is. That being said I’ll describe my writing, and by the end of that you’ll know who I am as a writer.

There is an honest, emotional, and experience-linked story in every piece. Every story is written to connect and connect to various persons across many classes of people. These connections are not just meant for persons across the divide who have blatant similarities but also those with subtle similarities like being human. These connection stories hide their true intentions until they are in your face as they slowly unravel themselves telling you the tiny yet very important details you didn’t know were apart of the big things you always knew. It’s truly the small things that change the world. And, the story will be educational and a little entertaining with not too vibrant poetic feel.

I think that says who I am as a writer.

An honest writer whose goal undoing discrimination is changing minds (especially as it relates to abuse) by going in circle with a twist and literary devices. I think that’s about right.

Next week I’ll tell you why my post are (generally) so ridiculously long.


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