Top Ten Television Shows (American) – #2

Today I’ll continue with a review for Frasier.

1. The Newsroom
2. Frasier
3. Law and Order: SVU
4. Criminal Minds
5. Golden Girls
6. House
7. Gilmore Girls
8. Gray’s Anatomy
9. Suits
10. Saved by the Bell vs. Boy Meets World


Looking at that somewhat dreary image I wouldn’t have been enticed. But as seems to be my norm I found Frasier while flipping through the channels in 2014. It felt rather instantaneous, and I began returning to the Hallmark Channel every night during the week since I am up at that time and it is dependable for its consistency. I was 10 years late in finding this show oddly enough. But it has never felt like it.

Frasier is a situational comedy(sitcom) which focuses on the life of Frasier Crane, a psychiatrist, and his family after he moves back to his hometown having recently been divorced. His family consists of Niles, his brother, who shares his passions and profession, Martin, their father with whom they seem to share nothing by way of traits except for competitiveness, and Freddy, the dog their father loves. The two other constants in their lives are Daphne, their live-in psycho-therapist, and Rozz, Frasier’s promiscuous producer.

The show has an under-exaggerated quality which makes the viewer as close to being a fly-on-the-wall as one can while watching television. The humour isn’t lewd, or defamatory. It is clean adult fun. The creators, and writers were bold enough to maintain the characters of Frasier and Niles, his brother, in their state of constant appreciation and search of the more refine things in life while making fun of the fact rather than making them homosexuals. On a few occasions they were mistaken for homosexuals and their response to it was always amusing, again never defamatory. In fact the writers of Frasier played with what is consider the feminine side of men a bit such as the mentioned plot of persons thinking that the brother, without knowing they were brothers, were gay, and partners. In another episode Frasier begins relations with a woman, much like himself only to realize that he’s playing the role typically reserved for women, you know the clingy, always waiting and being let down, and being wooed with gifts after being let down.

Despite being a show around a snob the show shed light on opposing points-of-view such as that of his father, a man who enjoys the simple life of ruddy bars and eateries, camping and fishing, and the like. Frasier deals with family, divorce, courtship, change, aging, depression and much more from a realistic view of things with slips of humour everywhere. It even deals with spirituality a few times while keeping things within the borders of serious and funny.

The show was always too near to perfect to be anything else.


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Television Shows (American) – #2

      1. in567 says:

        It was some years ago when that one had come out. Now that I think about it, it’s been about 10 years! It has to do with a brother who commits a crime on purpose, in order to go into the same prison in which his older brother is in, so that he can help his older brother escape. I had let one of my best friends know about it and she said her entire family watched the full series together. And my Mom, who doesn’t speak English well, had watched it with me too. So anyhow, if you decide to check it out, it was one of the few TV series’ that I had actually watched. Now, I only watch the news – besides Korean shows, that is (hehe).


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