Four Books Down, And Many More To Go

Four books down, You read it correctly.

You may be wondering why I’m making a big deal out of something so trivial as reading four books when three months have been marked on the calendar already. But I only began reading/listening at the end of February and I do believe I’ve passed my combined number for the past three years…? Yes, my reading season has been in park for some time now. But the need to restart the engine has become an absolute necessity.

Having graduated from secondary school I have always kept my mind active through various means including classes in QuickBooks fundamental and advanced, Shotokan Karate, and then an Associate’s Degree program in graphic design, and a hands on training in graphic design, cinematography, computer repair, database entry – a thorough bore, and customer care.

However, as I got more entangled in keeping my mind active I read less and less. At present, I am in the mindset of re-entering the education road, and to prepare I’ve decided to fill my wagon with goodies and floor the gas. To begin, I decide to open a few novels. But the odd thing is that the last times I attempted to read I fit so uncomfortable. I kept twisting and putting the book down to daydream This wasn’t due to bad writing, or long descriptions but rather due to my inability to sit still and focus on one thing.

Over the past few years the need to multi-task has grown tonnes. In order to write there must be enough background noise which most be audible and constant and follow the same basic structure once it is created. To get this I usually play a song and set the device to repeat. This generally means that I listen to one song all day, or a line-up of five or six songs with a very similar feel.

Though the line-up is better because it allows me to feel the time more due to the dead air left when one song ends and another begins, and also the opening instrumentals, I like having one song. I attach emotions to songs, and though the songs carry similarities a slit shift in emotion can sometimes ruin my chain of thought and focus.

Back to the original path. Since I’ve been having this difficulty with reading, and even more strange get distracted by the songs when reading I found it quite difficult. For this reason the Audible bit was a good call.

Unlike most persons, I believe, I am unable to truly multi-task. To be clear. Having began listening to books, I’ve found out that I am incapable of listening to a story, internalizing, and understanding it. I can listen to lessons and take notes, pausing only when something becomes to difficult to fully understand in a few seconds. But I apparently cannot consume, and produce independent thoughts simultaneously. And it is very annoying. A time-waster of extreme proportion.

This inability of mine to listen while doing other things has brought me to a point where I could only focus on the reading of the books. And thankfully this has brought me much closer to focusing on reading for myself.

Since I’ve got one book remaining on Audible, I’ve already pulled three books from Maya Angelou’s autobiographical series including I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings although I’ve read and remember the story quite well.

(In searching for the listing of Angelou’s series I found Sidney Poitier’s The Measure of A Man: A Spiritual Autobiography. Another book that I simply love not just because it shares a personal view of history but because it inspires. But I’ll write on inspirational autobiographies, and biographies in the near future.)

Wish me luck, and share a few of your favorite titles.

See you next week Tuesday. I’ll be focusing on my ongoing journey of studying Korean.

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