Audible & Me (The More Technical Side)

Four months after I accepted the Audible offer for a free book, I had not listened to one word. Actually to make it worst, I had not had the pleasure of downloading the book. (That’s fantastic internet service on the island of Antigua for you.) What I didn’t realize, however, was that by signing up for Audible I was telling them they had they right to charge me monthly using by my debit card information from my Amazon account.

It serves me right for not reading the terms and conditions. See the thing is, I assumed that when it came to my money that companies would explicitly have to make it known that they would be taking my money on a regular basis. Now, you could say them putting somewhere, anywhere in print is explicit. But that’s not my idea of explicit. Explicit, for me, means that there’s a box with words beside it that I have got to read then tick, not just the terms and conditions section. But that’s not how it was.

So…for the last three months I have had $41 (XCD) removed from my bank account. Why didn’t I notice before? Well, I’ve had so little money that I knew I shouldn’t make use of the account until I could find away to put a bit on it. (I make it a rule to make the number and dollar amount of deposits more than the withdrawals so I didn’t touch the account. I didn’t look at it because I knew exactly what was happening to the account and how much was being withdrawn: nothing save the banks monthly $5 (XCD) fee which the account could handle.

And then I finally had money that I could save, and I went to the bank. I made a deposit, and noticed that I, me, my bank account had a NEGATIVE balance?! How?! I was ready to blow a fuse. But in the pretence of being rational I went online and looked over my statements. Lo and behold there was the money falling out of the bottom of the bucket every month. With a little research I found out why: my negligence.

So, I sign into Audible. I’ve got 4 Credits which allows me to get 4 books plus the free book that I tried but failed to download. But I didn’t care about those. I just needed to get out of this little online business contract I had subjected myself to. It took me two days to cancel my subscription. (Due in part to the wonderful net connection and Audible’s craftiness, and crapinness simultaneously.)

I opened the Audible app and began my own tour of the software. I found the account section and thought: “Here I am, the deed is done.” Premature this thought of mine. I got into the account section went to the card section which was the only section which seems plausible for cancelling a subscription. I made changes to my card information which I think is pointless, but still I couldn’t find any area which allowed me to cancel.

So I decided to have a look-see at the site itself. That was simply a catastrophe. I, as is usual, had forgotten my password. I changed it successfully. But upon what I thought would be my return to the home page and then to the account page. I got stuck. I could not get passed the homepage. Let me explain this clearly. Every time I selected the sign in option the page loaded…the homepage reloaded that is. It did so once, twice, thrice, and so on. I could not for the life of me actually get past the homepage.

To pass the time I did what any netizen who didn’t actually know exactly how to cancel one’s membership would do. I googled how to do it. And as expected a few bloggers had outlined the process while giving very detailed solutions like downgrading, and taking the 20% or 50% coupons offered and things of that nature. So I knew exactly how to cancel and some options which Audible would present which they did (at the top of the screen which one may miss if he/she aren’t paying attention.)

Finally, I decided to use the Amazon route. I went to the Amazon site  signed in and then attempted to go to Audible’s site, and finally that worked (though not on the first try). Hard days work, right? I know. To save money, you’ve got to spend a lot of time.

However, there are a few positive bits to be noted. After cancelling an Audible membership you remain as an active customer and with this privilege you can decide when and what you want to buy after if the need arises. But that’s not a big deal. The big deal is that you get to keep all of the books you’ve downloaded, and according to them you can re-download them if necessary.

In truth, aside from the homepage which malfunctioned to perfection the service is a good one. Just remember to read…unlike the other dimwits who….despite loving to read didn’t read the important bits.

What are your thoughts on Audible, and its service?

See you next week Tuesday, I’ll be sharing my reading experience.

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